The quest for the perfect coffee

On weekend mornings I wake eager to spend my days off with my loves, but the fuel for the fun comes primarily from my caffeine fix.

Fix/addiction same same.

It seems that up here the perfect coffee hides. Unlike times where unknowingly I was spoilt for choice and price. Melbourne is my coffee mecca. Being able to walk in almost anywhere and get a cup of something decent and spend less than a fiver.

There is a price to pay for living in paradise, a sunshine tax some say. Depravation of a decent cup might be one of those taxes.

As you’ll see my standards aren’t overly high:

  • A strong in yet smooth coffee
  • Large needs to be a large coffee if it’s not call it a regular.
  • A take away shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes, actually I’d prefer it in 3, but 5 seems reasonable.
  • Don’t charge extra for skim milk!
  • If I’ve been coming in Monday-Friday and my order hasn’t changed in 3 years there would come a time when I’d expect you to remember my order or my name, bothewould be preferable.
  • If you can manage a smile, how are you or your baby’s adorable, bonus points.

My quest continues, but who wouldn’t want to have the perfect cup whilst admiring this view. 

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