Don’t let parenthood change you


Parenthood is going to change you. Your life will shift from your Monday-Friday career, weeknight gym sessions, Friday after work drinks, Saturday night dinner dates and dancing and Sunday hangovers.Then something happens you settle down with your love and then next minute  BAM and suddenly youre  in the kid zone and you can’t think of anything better.

Anyway so as you embark on the roller coaster ride of parent hood, there will be some twists and turns along the way you weren’t expecting. This post is about some of my encounter with people who aren’t in that  zone and the amusing, funny and frustrating things they’ve said.

I’m talking about the comments –

So I’m pregnant sitting in a restaurant and friends are having some cocktails, they say in passing “don’t let being a parent change you, you still have to be you”. Hmmmmm yeah… I’d like to think I’ll be the same, but its crazy to think my priorities won’t be different.

Workplace – aghhhhh are you going to be one of those people who only talks about their kids? At the time I was like hell no! Lol i love to talk about a wide variety of things, but sometimes I will want to show you a photo of my kid doing something that I thinks amazing – the friends job is to ooooo and ahhhhh

Are you going to post 100 photos a day of your baby on Facebook? No, that I wont. The odd one here and there. But if you’ve ever stepped back to look at what people post pre child it’s usually just as much, for example if someone posts daily about the mundane, then their posts after having a kid will probably be about their kid because kids are funny and usually cute.

Then comes the gym comments. You should try to go back to the gym. Yep… How about you offer to come and sit here while our baby sleeps so my husband and I can have a gym date together. Combining couple time and something productive. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

The suggestion of leaving our 2 week old breastfed bundle of joy with a sitter so we can attend a birthday party.  Forgetting the obvious, how about the fact that you haven’t slept more than 2.5hrs in a stretch for 2 weeks. I’d rather poke my eyes out than attend – sorry!

Or how about the “have a glass of wine – 1 wine isn’t a big deal” … Yeh…nah. I cooked this perfect little creature for 40 weeks, my body is still their feeding station. For me it’s just not something I’m willing to do, but thanks for making me feel like an asshole for putting my kid first.

Awkward conversations – about clubbing, shopping and nail polish… Yep it’s awkward because I’m thinking about how full my boobs are and wondering when my baby’s going to wake, but also I’ve realised how there’s so much more in this world than materialistic things.

The “when I have kids” comment – a backhanded way of saying I’ll be doing things different to you.

For me it’s about realising the “zone” people are in and trying to understand things from their perspective. Their not intentionally being rude, it’s just a lack of understanding and the thing is, until you’ve done it you have no idea at all.

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