The Silent Assassin

In recent weeks our 18 month olds language has exploded. While we are constantly amazed by the words popping out of her cute tiny mouth it’s also led to my husband and I becoming silent assassins or catch and release wildlife warriors – depending on what we’re dealing with. 

It all started when Miss 1.5 learnt the word “spider” and informed me of a spider crawling across our floor. I promptly dealt with the situation and was super happy to have little miss sniper eyes watching my back. Although it turns out according to Miss 1.5 that Moths and Ants are now spiders too. If we even utter the word there’s a meltdown. This is where the silent assassin part comes in. My husband and I will now use silent code hand signals, grab a shoe and get the job done without a word. While Miss 1.5 is none the wiser!

While she’s a big fan of Lizards and has an evening ritual of waving ‘night night’ to them on the windows on her way to bed; I think it’d be a different story if there was one in her bedroom. Last night as we were taking her upstairs to bed; I do the silent point to hubs to indicate wildlife inside. It was the funniest thing, here I am cradling our half asleep toddler, without hesitation he whips off his shorts, flicks the 15cm gecko off the wall, throws his shorts over it, gently wraps it up and takes it outside to release. Returning fully clothed in 30 seconds flat! All in complete silence. 

Yeah we are silent ninja assassin parents! And this is from the guy who made me promise that I’d have to deal with all spiders, pre marriage. Funny how things change when kids come into the equation. 

7 thoughts on “The Silent Assassin

  1. confessionsofachristianmomma says:

    It is truly amazing how we change when we have children. We become so much bolder about frightening things when it comes to protecting our kids. I am, for example, insanely afraid of spiders… like… “might-as-well-torch-the-house-if-there-is-a-big-spider-in-it” kind of afraid. However, if there is a spider in my son’s room, I will take it down! Somehow the Lord gives me the courage… then later I can reminisce about my moment of bravery… and how completely psychotic it seems with a clear non-protective mindset. Oh, and not gonna lie, that is some serious husband skill to catch a gecko with his shorts! Cute post!

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  2. patriciaewebb33 says:

    God your blog cracks me up! I’m also glad I don’t have to deal with geckos, all I have to deal with is that fact that Mr One thinks anything black is a spider. He even wigged out over a black jellybean that fell out of the pantry (it was the last lolly in my secret stash and I picked up the cranberries I had covering them) “spider spider spider mumma!” LOL no son, just the yucky lolly Mummy didn’t want but is saving incase you stress her out and she gets desperate.

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