Are we being lazy or just smart?

As a full time working parent of a toddler I take shortcuts, I can often visualise my mother rolling her eyes if she knew the short cuts I take, but fortunately there’s an ocean between us so I’m safe. 

When i say shortcuts I mean dry shampoo to space out how often I need to wash my hair – mostly due to time constraints. Crock pot meals which require meat being deposited in the crock pot followed by pre made sauce being poured on top. I use a nappy disposal unit. I don’t do laundry every day. I don’t sew, I buy ankle grazer work pants to avoid hemming, if something breaks I usually just replace it. 

Yes there would be a lot of eye rolling if only she knew. But the thing I come back to is I’m making use of all the time I have, if I had more disposable time I could cook from scratch (usually reserved for the weekends) it’s not that I can’t it’s that I choose to make my life manageable and to use the time that I have with my toddler to be with them, not rushing around cleaning the house. 

I make time for the ‘important’ things, the other things get done …. eventually. Hey the floors are clean enough for the 3 second rule to apply if you wanted it to. So if I am lazy I’d say I’m smart lazy. 

4 thoughts on “Are we being lazy or just smart?

  1. Ginger says:

    I am a SAHM and can’t imagine my life without a crock pot, how those of you who work with little ones (and like I once did) can get everything done I’ll never know! Hey, you are making dinner and not getting take out, that is a big deal these days.

    I haven’t tried dried shampoo yet, but my oldest uses it and maybe I should give it a try 🙂 All of the little time savers add up and you are so right about spending your time on the important things, that’s totally not lazy and quite unselfish if you ask me! Now, if only there was a time saver for laundry!

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  2. gertrudetkitty says:

    Mum of 4: crockpots rule and I always adhere to the 3 second rule. You never remember tidying the house but the memories of time spent with your child are like little nuggets of gold. My eldest and I still laugh about me being Wendy to her Peter Pan; she always made me hide under the table; I’ve spent months of my life there. Over twenty years later my house is tidy!

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