If only women communicated like toddlers! 

I love how toddlers are brutally honest. There’s no filter whatsoever.

You can ask them what they want and they’ll tell you. You suggest doing an activity and it’s met with mind blowing enthusiasm. Park? Playground? Walk? Shopping? Painting? Playdoh? Beach? Swimming? All of which you’d think you’d just handed them a million dollars – I love it! 

A favourite of mine at the moment is Miss 1.5 running thru the house to tell me “daddy poos”, I laugh thinking I didn’t really need to know that! 

Little Joey at daycare might annoy them but they just move on, 5 minutes later Joeys their friend again. 

Today I witnessed some grown woman drama. You would think some women have film crews following them around filming for “the hills”. Instead of one woman saying “sorry I got the wrong end of the stick” there was a full scale meltdown. 

If only we handled being embarrassed a little more like a toddler. It would almost be more socially acceptable to have a mini tantrum, followed by a swift apology and getting on with being friends again than the burning of bridges. 

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