Today I’m torn 

Today I’m torn, confused and disappointed in myself. I pride myself in being open minded and I embrace diversity. That’s the way I operate and the morals I want to instil in my child. 

That is why today I am disappointed in myself. My husband did the daycare pick up this afternoon, as he does every afternoon. Today he sent me a message to let me know he’d collected Miss 1.5 and that there had been a new relief teacher in her room. A male relief teacher. 

That is why I’m disappointed in myself. Immediately I was angry that the school hadn’t warned us that there would be a male teacher, I wondered how nappy changes would be handled, I wondered who would put my daughter to sleep and if the male cater would be alone with her. 

I’m ashamed to have had those thoughts. That’s not the person I am.  If there was a female relief teacher I wouldn’t have the same opinion. 

The carers that my daughter has are nothing short of amazing, why would I assume someone they employ would be anything less… And why did I instantly jump to the worst possible scenario? 

If I had a female tradesperson I would think good on her, following her dreams in a male dominated industry. 

So I’m pulling back, making the concious decision to trust the centre and have faith that they have done all the checks that they would do on any applicant. 

4 thoughts on “Today I’m torn 

  1. ReTreeve says:

    Don’t be ashamed of thinking like this – many parents would do the same, because all we hear about is nasty men doing bad things to kids.Its the protective instinct, which is natural. Nobody hears about the great influence a male carer has on a child, do we? That needs to be highlighted, in my opinion.

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  2. Mama says:

    You’re awesome for being so honest. You’re also awesome for catching your prejudice and making attempt to rectify it. Most people are guilty of these thoughts from time to time but not everyone tries to deal with them. I salute you 🙂

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  3. gertrudetkitty says:

    I don’t think prejudice ruled your thoughts; your protective instinct kicked in and insisted you consider the safety of your young. You did just what you were supposed to do. Reason reassured you that the nursery is reputable and that the staff are fully trained and checked out. When I took my children on outings we always ran through the scenario of getting separated. I advised them to look around for another mother with children to ask for help, avoid approaching men because I feel that a male stranger could pose more of a threat. That’s not prejudice; it’s my gut instinct however they could be askinjg Myra Hindley for help. Men are awesome; they are equal to us in every capacity, I love my husband, I have two sons and a brother; they’re the best. If you felt momentarily uncomfortable then you’re doing your job as a mother perfectly.

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