I have a wonderful friend …

You know those moments when you sit back and reflect on how truely fortunate you are for that one special friend being in your life. That friend who you met purely by chance. I have one of those friends. 

She’s the woman who works 6 days a week building and running her own business, a toddler with their own steady stream of daycare illnesses and the woman who makes time in her day to check-in when she knows I’ve had a rough day or we’ve had illnesses in our own home. 

The last 4 weeks have been a steady stream of flu, conjunctivitis, chest infections, second round of conjunctivitis and now we’re onto ear infections. This constant stream of having to cancel social outings, not being capable of doing all of my responsibilities at work and the challenges a sick toddler thrown in the mix has made for some meltdown moments. 

This woman is incredible, just by checking-in it’s like the thousands of kilometres between us are gone. The best part is having that friend that you know ‘gets it’ and knows these days too. 

These are the relationships that are valuable, the friendships that can survive years without constant contact, but when you reconnect it’s like no time has past at all. When I reflect on how fortunate I am to have this friend, I’m also grateful that we are sharing moments of having young families and able to lean on each other from time to time. 

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