The Blissful Disconnect

This morning I expected to return to the weekly grind with a jolt but that didn’t happen. 

The gorgeous toddler sleeping in (6.40am – that’s a sleep in) may have helped, as may have the triple shot latte. But you know what I think it was.. It was the 4 blissful days of being in the moment with my family and friends. I checked-out and disconnected. And I recommend it. 

I didn’t turn off my mobile, as your probably wondering. Actually my phone was my vessel for such a successful weekend. We organised so many activities and catch ups with our friends that it was essential. 

So when I say I checked-out and disconnected what I mean is that I was solely focused on my little family unit. Not interested in checking the news websites that I’ll normally look at a few times a day and I didn’t think about my work – at all. I didn’t consciously think I’m going to forget about work, i was just so in the moment that it never crossed my mind. 

We took the time to travel to visit friends we hadn’t seen for a long time & other friends traveled to visit us. It’s amazing how reconnecting can re-energize you. Our time was spent with our tiny little human who constantly surprises us with how grown up she actually is. 

We can get so caught up in our monday to Friday slog and the weekends can be just as busy preparing for the coming week that we don’t make time for things that nourish our soul. 

I know the long weekends don’t come around as often as we’d hope and that our weekday slog whether it be Monday to Friday or all over the show can be exhausting. But if you can try to carve out some time to reconnect, re-energize, disconnect from the interference/noise and be in the moment I promise you you’ll be glad you did. 

One thought on “The Blissful Disconnect

  1. saradiehl says:

    Nourishing the soul is so important. As is taking the time to make sure that happens, by disconnecting from the day-to-day and reconnecting to the love and energy! I love this post! My family just returned from the beach, and we soaked up every second. When the chaos is gone, we have time to focus on and remember all the things we love and appreciate about one another. Thanks for sharing this inspiration! Well done!

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