A sense of entitlement 

My facebook feed is littered with ‘friends’ who I picked up along the way. Many of which I keep on there purely for their entertainment value. 

I’ve noticed a trend of posts recently that frustrates the shit out of me. The people who feel the need to rant about the lack of support the government gives them financially after they’ve had a child. I’ve read blogs of other working parents who pump around the clock so that they can still feed their babies breast milk because their country doesn’t have maternity leave legislation let alone our 18 weeks paid maternity leave. And here I see people complaining that after their 18 weeks is up the governments not going to give them any more money….

Seriously?! We make a choice to start a family. We weigh up the costs and how we’re going to make it work. Sure the maternity leave payments aren’t a great deal, but they are something, and that’s better than nothing. What happened to us being grateful for living in a country where as women or men (as well) we have the right to 1 years maternity/paternity leave from our careers…. The option to spend the first full year with our baby knowing that our job (or a job with equal pay) will be there for us on our return. When did that not become enough? 

I just get so frustrated people thinking its the governments role to subsidize their lifestyle or their choice to be an at home parent. 

In my opinion government payments are a safety net not a hammock. 

One thought on “A sense of entitlement 

  1. Ginger says:

    I can see how this would annoy you. In my Facebook feed however I get annoyed by posts of the opposite complaint. A lot of people in my feed are constantly bashing those who are on welfare and who receive food stamps. This hits especially hard for me because for three years I was on food stamps simply because I needed them. I wasn’t lazy or taking advantage of the system, I was in need. Oh those people infuriate me, still I don’t wish they would have to struggle the way my family did because it was truly a very hard time.

    In the US we don’t get maternity leave. An employer may offer paid leave for a short time or you might qualify for a short time but the only other option is a Family Leave Act that will secure your job for 12 weeks without pay. Other countries are much kinder to parents and sadly the US is just far behind and I doubt it will ever change.

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