Our disposable culture

Ive heard of a few marriages ending recently, which is beyond sad. But it got me thinking how it seems that everything in our lives seems so disposable now days. 

It’s strange we only started attending weddings a grown up couple in last 5 years and it seems like yesterday we were sitting in the pews listening to the couples make their vows, shedding a tear since the vows to each other were so beautiful and heartfelt. I wonder what happen to change that vision the couple had? Did they not work hard enough? Our was it not the right match? Did they go into their marriage with unrealistic expectations? 

From an outsider looking in it seems as though it’s just another aspect of our disposable culture, to oversimplify- like our broken toaster. We throw it away. It’s easier than fixing it. 

I’m sure there’s more to it, but what I can’t understand is how it all changes when people marry. Some people have made their relationship work for years, even had children prior to marriage, in those cases what’s changed other than legally? 

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