The happy flyer

Tomorrow I will be a happy flyer. We’ve travelled a bit with our Miss 1.5 but tomorrow is a solo flight for me and I can’t wait. 

Our little miss is a great traveller, as great as a toddler can be. But as a parent heading for the skies with your small person there’s always that thought in the back of your mind how ugly it could turn at any moment. My worst fear would be THAT MOTHER whose child screamed the entire flight, or ‘the mother of the toddler who didn’t do anything to keep her toddler quiet!’ Ha quiet toddler, ha funny. People forget so quickly! 

So tomorrow I will board my plane solo, knowing its school holidays, knowing I’m likely to be sitting beside a crying baby or a talkative toddler, but you know what… none of it will be my concern. I’ll be busy reading a magazine, sipping my over priced coffee basking in the knowledge that during the flight I won’t have to rummage thru my bag finding anything at all to keep my little person amused. 

I won’t be giving judgemental stares or muttering under my breath because on the most part people are trying to do the best they can. I’ll enjoy the few precious moments of quiet in my own zone. 

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