The “no’s”

We’re going through a stage of “no” at the moment, we could ask Miss 20 months if she wants her favourite meal or to go for a bike ride or if she wants to go to Disneyland, the answer would be a flat no, no matter what. So combining the no’s with meltdowns it makes for some fairly entertaining (for other people) moments. 

Today for instance we went to do the groceries. We’ve become a good little supermarket team, we have an understanding based on snacks. She happily sits in the trolley chatting to people passing by while eating 1-2 muesli bars and we’re done in 20 minutes. Well that was until my husband introduced her to sitting in the actual trolley instead of the trolley seat as I’d trained her. Today’s shopping trip started as they normally do until it was time to sit in the trolley seat. We had a full scale meltdown consisting of me trying to place her into the seat while she kicked the trolley with her feet moving it away. We had this battle for about 5 minutes at the doorway of the supermarket while a number of people passed by. 

Eventually I did the “we can’t buy you chicken if you don’t sit in the seat” bribery. All of a sudden she was as happy as can be in the seat. I go to strap her in & wouldn’t you believe it the clip was broken & I couldn’t secure her in. There was a moment where I weighed up the pros/cons of changing trolleys but I knew there was no way I was getting this kid back into another trolley and I could abort the shopping mission so we set off. We managed to get thru the fruit, veg and meat sections before … You guessed it, I turn for the tiniest moment & look back (still holding onto the trolley) she is standing up on the seat! Faaaaaarrrr out! So that ends the seat and here I am pushing a heavy trolley and carrying 11kg worth of toddler. 

Queue the observer comments… One older women states “well that didn’t last long, I saw you struggling at the front door!” Followed by “their sent to try us” 

It takes all of my restrain not to say if you saw me struggling couldn’t you have stopped to hold my trolley still? 

At the checkouts she proceeded to make passive agressive comments about me unloading my trolley with 1 hand & taking too long. 

Anyway it got me thinking… There are moments of kindness that happen all the time and it doesn’t take long to make the world of difference in someone’s day. I remember the lovely lady who offered to hold my heavy basket while waiting in line when I was very pregnant or the lady without her kids who could see my baby loosing it while I was unloading the groceries. So instead of ignoring the noise and playing on her phone she set about having a chat with my baby. And while saying ‘thank you’ mightn’t seem like much I can say these moments mean so much. 

6 thoughts on “The “no’s”

  1. Ginger says:

    I have to say that it sounds nice to be in a place that some people -even though not all- would offer to help you. I live in a city with thousands of rude people who would never think to help. I can’t wait to move lol
    We are also going through the “no’s” it’s mildly amusing but aggravating all the same. Terrible twos start early! It’ll pass eventually, we have to have faith.
    I also want to add that it was great you didn’t waiver and stuck to your guns about where she should sit. It will get you far and she will figure out that you and daddy have different ways of doing things, she’ll get it soon 🙂 good for you for not changing what you feel is best! That’s hard to do especially when they are having tantrums lol

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      The 2’s are going to be interesting! Ha ha while the tantrums are sometimes inconvenient at least they’re amusing.
      I think Daddy has realised that it’s better if he adjusts his shopping strategy – especially if he wants to eat 😉

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  2. confessionsofachristianmomma says:

    This is why it feels like a vacation when mommy can shop alone. Haha! First of all, how very sad that people felt the need to be rude. Second of all, your daughter obviously knows when she has her mind made up- she will be a leader someday! My son is very strong willed but when he went through the no thing, I would throw him off by saying “do you want a cookie?” He would go “no.” Pause a moment and then back track quickly!!! Such a stinker! Hang in there momma!

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