A Shout-Out to the Single Parents! 

That’s right, a week or so ago I wrote about how I was heading away for a girls weekend, well last weekend it was my hubby’s turn. After 3 fun filled days and nights with my little Miss I have a whole new respect for single parents, or parents who manage alone while another parent works away. 

I guess I’d always thought about the financial challenges single parents face, not so much the mental challenges or exhaustion. 

So here’s a shout-out to those parents doing it solo, even if it’s temporary. These little people we love are like energizer bunnies – full of energy, but when the batteries run out, they definately run out and we know all about it. 

I can’t imagine how challenging it is doing your best day in, day out. How mentally and physically draining it would be. So to say it simply… Respect

2 thoughts on “A Shout-Out to the Single Parents! 

  1. embrace your crazy says:

    “air-fiving” you right now! So… I am one of those pseudo-single moms. My husband travels Mon-Fri for about 70% of the year. As of today, his Marriott acct says he’s been gone 81 nights this year (out of about 120). I’m also a full-time teacher…. and we have 3-year-old twins. 🙂 I don’t say this b/c I want props or pity… but because your post reminds me that I should cut myself some slack. Sometimes I forget that I’m essentially operating as a single, working parent. Thank you for reminding me that it’s hard and it’s okay when I absolutely lose my mind.. haha.


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