Fiji – 🎬 2 

Last year we took our first family overseas holiday with our 11 month old to Fiji and in just over a week it’s “take 2” of that adventure. 

I say “take 2” because I learnt so much from my mistakes during the first trip that I’m so sure this time round will be more successful. 

We took the trip for the purposes of some r’n’r before I returned to work after maternity leave and to do some research for our  friends getting married in Fiji (hence this coming trip). 

So bearing in mind our short trip of 5 days we stayed on Denarau Island we didn’t want to do an island transfer with our small person. We chose the Westin Denarau and I was very pleased we did. 

This time round were splitting our time between denarau and an island, so I’ll probably come back with yet another perspective! 

We didn’t use The babysitting service and we are totally kicking ourselves for it. It’s affordable and the babysitters looked to be doing an amazing job. We felt guilty about leaving our little person with a sitter during the trip, but the reality is she goes to bed at 7pm so she really wouldn’t have known any different if we were sitting there while she slept or a sitter. 

Last time round our small person decided it was a perfect time to cut 2 teeth and be rather unsettled overnight, so my lesson learnt is to be prepared to bend the rules. We’re all on holiday to have a holiday & get some sleep. So if jumping into our bed will settle her back to sleep then that’s what will happen. 

I also packed a tonne of organic packaged baby food since I wasn’t sure what would be available. This time round I know how easy it is to get healthy kid friendly food I won’t be worrying about packaged food. PS The Westin’s breakfast is amazing we all enjoyed our breakfasts the most. 

Last time I tossed up which pram to take with us & ended up buying a $30 one – incase the airlines weren’t careful. I am so happy I did, it was easy and compact to get around & definately did the job. So much so that I didn’t throw it away as I expected to at the end of the trip and it’s coming along on this one too. 

The bit that gets me with Fiji is that it’s an easy stress free option when your traveling with kids. The people are genuinely family friendly and welcoming. The moment you arrive you are on holiday. I can’t wait for that tropical breeze, some quality family fun time and of course our friends wedding!  



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