Always a rookie

My small human is now 20 months and I don’t pretend to know it all. These little people are constantly changing it up. We’ll slip happily into a groove and next minute the game has changed again. 

When new parent friends are asking advice or for suggestions i offer ideas but if there’s anything we learn as parents it’s that it’s not one size fits all. You baby may love being swaddles one way another not at all. It’s all about trial and error and not getting too comfortable because the game will change and you just need to go with it. 

I shared a few weeks ago about the battle I was having on Fridays with sleep. My husband thought it was me not trying his “proven” methods of getting our small person to sleep which consist of constant pacing from one end of the house to the other or timing a sit down with the night garden tv show then straight to bed. 

But I’m pleased to report that this weekend he’s witnessed that the game has changed and these methods now no longer work. If the toddler doesn’t want to sleep – guess what… We can’t make her! 

As our kids go thru each stage we feel more equipped and confident to take on the next stage. The realization I’ve come to us even though 99% of the time I feel like “I’ve got this” in my kids eyes I’ll always be a rookie and she’ll put me thru my paces. 

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