Facebook, the spectacle!

I don’t know about you but I’d love to deactivate my facebook. Back in 2007/8 it was new and cool. But enter every man and his dog including your parents and all distant relatives and the cool aspect of Facebook is gone. 

The bit that stops me hitting the deactivate button is the entertainment it provides. Those trainwrecks you can see coming, those uneducated rants and the wish you could unsee selfies. 

The entertainment value is still too high. I wish I didn’t want to be entertained by that girl I used to know who posts about every single thing; but it’s amusing and a conversation topic when friends get together in the real world. 

There’s one thing I can’t figure out though, do people write these status updates as cries for attention, unaware that everyone is diagnosing them? The conclusion I’ve come to is that there’s far more narcissists than I ever thought I knew. 

Ps. I’d love to enclose some of the selfies just for your entertainment. But I’m still watching that slow moving train wreck. 

One thought on “Facebook, the spectacle!

  1. Ginger says:

    Oh man, I know what you mean! There is this one girl I went to hs with who has so much daily drama it’s ridiculous, but so entertaining. Like, what do you want any of us to do for you lady?? Then she gets mad lol omg hot mess. I seriously can’t stand her and think so many times to just block her but then I’d be bored all day without her hourly updates lol

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