The struggle to be authentic 

Sometimes I find being my authentic self a struggle. I want more than anything to be ‘how I am’ but I also worry that I’ll hurt people’s feelings along the way. For example the people you meet who want to be your friend and you don’t get the same vibe you feel a bit ‘meh’ or the person you thought you knew but it turns out you didn’t we you see another side. I struggle with the cut off. 

It feels although being honest isn’t the right thing to do because it hurts people’s feelings. But at the same time you feel that your not being true to yourself by maintaining these ‘friendships’. 

Over the last few years I’ve de cluttered and removed the drama from my zone, but it’s like the last few boxes from a hoarders home that’s hardest to get rid of. I know that’s a terrible analogy to use. But it’s how it feels. How do you end a friendship without there needing to be a debrief or an argument? How do you both go your separate ways without ill feelings? 

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