Attempting to avoid Mommy Guilt

Yesterday was the day I returned to working Monday to Friday. And giving up that extra day at home with my daughter was a massive step. I think it’s the only time that “mommy guilt” has struck. 

This decision is not financial it’s taking a step back into my career path which has been on pause for almost 2 years. Unfortunately if I’m not “full-time” then it’s seen that I’m not career focused. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. But sometimes it’s about being ambitious and putting your best foot forward to get to where you need to be. So when some comments got made this week that it must be about the money it annoyed me. 

I see my role as mother to my child to not only be her nurturer but to be her role model. My job is to teach my daughter thru actions over words. 

Sure the money will help, it’ll help me hire a cleaner so my weekends a full of family time not slaving over housework. But the decision is far more than a few extra dollars in the bank,  it’s about living the life that shows our child that we live the values that we’re trying to instil in her. 

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