Friend Awkwardness 

Friendship awkwardness I don’t know how else to put it. You know when your couple friends break up and you remain friends with them both independently. The first grieving stage is easy because you can understand how challenging the break up is for them. Stage 2 comes along and it’s them throwing themselves into online dating and this is weird but also entertaining as you and all your coupled up friends vicariously live thru the crazy stories of hook ups and the single life. So after about 8 months we’ve hit stage 3 with one of friends like an out of control car plowing into a brick wall. A relationship and pregnancy. 

The same week as stage 3 and cue the re-entrance of the Ex. At this time I’m almost 100% certain she has no idea about stage 2 and 3. And she suggests a group dinner… As in all the couples back together – including her ex…. 

Ummmm yes… Friendship awkwardness this week hit new highs. 

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