Letting Go 

Before I was a parent I was all about lists and getting stuff done. I needed to complete my lists to feel as though I’d achieved what I needed to for that day/week/weekend. 

Fast forward to becoming a parent to a newborn, I soon realised I had very little control over how and when my “to-do” lists would be completed. Life revolves around these tiny tiny people and when they think things should be done. Ps. Vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and mowing the lawns don’t rank on a newborns priority list. 

I soon learned that while it was nice to have my goal list, Id be a lot more content if I could ‘let go’ of the need to complete my lists. I’d be able to be in the moment with my small human and enjoy her if I didn’t have the need to have everything organised, checked off and perfect. 

So fast forward 20 or so months and not a lot has changed. While I wish our home looked like a show home, it doesn’t. The family room I swore once wouldn’t be taken over with toys, is. Today for instance my little partner in crime is sick, I knew my day would consist of sitting on the couch reading books – I didn’t envisage 1 book 10 times, but it was. I thought there would be more naps than normal and that I’d get a few things done while she slept. I was happy at the prospect of getting a few extra things achieved when Id normally be at work (winning!) . It turns out that the only naps would be on me and last for 15 minutes. 

The thing is we might think we are in control, but really we aren’t. When we conciously let go of our need to be in control (when it comes to our “to do lists” )we become less stressed and in my opinion better relaxed parents. There will be a day sometime soon when things line up and things get done. But in the meantime I’ll enjoy the snuggles of the latest 15 minute power nap. 

2 thoughts on “Letting Go 

  1. Ginger says:

    I am really going to be struggling with the list thing soon and I hope I will remember this post. Letting go of the need to get everything done is hard for people like us, with our lists. You are right though, things and time will allow us to get back to them and the need to focus on the little people is much more important. I really hope I can remember what you said in two months lol

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