Friend Dating 

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a group of women about how challenging it is making friends in your 30’s when your partying days are behind you. 

Fast forward to being married, with kids and in your 30’s. Yes,  we can make friends through work or mutual friends, but outside of those social circle we agreed it seems much harder. Plus as a woman to ask another woman out on what is basically a friendship date?! I don’t know about you but I find exposing myself to that level of vulnerability – frightening. The thing is making friends with a person shouldn’t be a scary thing to do. 

A few months ago I was leaving the doctors office talking to my daughter as we were walking to the car. I hadn’t noticed a woman parked next to my car. She struck up a conversation with me, we had a quick conversation about our kids. It was so unusual for someone to stop to ask after someone they didn’t know and to let another mum know she wasn’t alone. It was a beautiful moment. 

At the time the little voice inside was saying “ask her out for a coffee – go on” .  But asking someone if they want to be friends is a bit weird. You know when you get a vibe off someone – the I could definately be friends with her or the wow I could not be friends vibe. Besides the fact that we both have impeccable taste in vehicles (matching cars) I got a nice vibe from her. 

Don’t you wish it was easier to become friends with people without coming across as a weirdo stalker?! I live in a fairly small town, so hopefully next time my path crosses with the nice mum I’ll ask her on a friend-date! 

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