Having Grace 

For the last few months I’ve thought our friends were having a baby girl. I don’t know what led me to that conclusion, but that’s what I thought. 

On her posts of buying baby clothes Id write “have fun buying pink!” After 3 boys I thought shopping in the girls section would be an exciting change. I didn’t notice the comments went unliked. 

Today they announce their 4th little boys arrival… It wasn’t the sonographers error. Somehow from the posts and comments on facebook Id got the idea their baby was a girl. 

Tonight I felt so terrible about my assumption I apologised to the new mum. My apology was met with such grace. She laughed and said they only have boys! Gosh I was relieved, while still a little bit mortified. 

2 thoughts on “Having Grace 

  1. Mama says:

    Oops. A friend of mine didn’t know they were having a boy rather than a girl until the birth. They didn’t want to know but during the ultrasound she noticed the screen said sex= female. Bless her, the sex they were referring to on the ultrasound was hers. So now their little boy is often seen sporting pink and flowers.

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