The stand-off

Ive just had a half-an-hour stand off with my almost 2 year old. I’m not sure there was a winner. 

It makes me wonder is it worth it? The tears, tantrums and overall drama just to get her to take a bite of chicken. 

I can see how people choose to give up, I really can. But isn’t it different when you’ve taken time out to prepare a home cooked meal. If it was packet food id mind a lot less throwing that away. 

Anyway so the negotiation began and the deal ended up being 1 bite of chicken for her youghurt and strawberries. We got there in the end but oh my… 

Now I’m wondering if we’ll be having a battle of wills tonight when it comes to her first night in her big girl bed. Ahhh the life of a parent eh 

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