Inside my Hospital Bag – my essentials

Yesterday I was helping a friend brainstorm what she needs for her impending arrival. I was going thru the things I had in my hospital bag and the things I wished I thought about. 

From the 30 week mark a sense of calm washed over me, combining this with the terrible procrastination I suffer from it wasn’t overly productive. I thought packing my hospital bag would be a great idea during the early stages of labour! 

My husband disagreed and insisted I got on with it. So I did a very average job of packing. But here are the things I had which were great and the things I wished I’d packed! 

Maternity pads

Allow 1 pack per day. This is something I didn’t realize. I really liked the Libra ones with aloe. 


Nursing pads

I tried them all. These are the ones I found to be the softest (on your tender bits) and most secure. They are sometimes in short supply at my local supermarkets and chemists so whenever they were on sale I’d stock up. 


Mini Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

You need a little bit of luxury after just having a baby. This would be an ideal thing to buy a mum-to-be for her hospital bag. 


Black pajama pants or yoga pants
Black is a great colour to wear incase of any unexpected leakages. 
Maternity singlets 

Prices vary as does quality. Initially I bought some cheaper ones which I found weren’t easy to get access and didn’t handle being washed frequently. I then tried the more expensive Bonds Maternity Tank. I wished I’d tried these first. The clips are high quality and they wash beautifully. Mine took a thrashing and still looked semi decent. They are worth the price tag – they are frequently on sale so scope out the sales. I picked mine up for around $25


Organic cotton zip onesies – Purebaby Essentials Growsuit 

These are the beautifully soft onesies I had at the hospital for my little girl. The fabric is just beautiful and the zips make change time simple and fast. 



Snacks for you or your husband/support person. I put in some mueslie bars and threw in some bananas on our way out the door. In hindsight a few extra things would’ve been great because let’s be honest hospital food isn’t flash. Almonds, chocolate, dried fruit, perhaps some pear juice. 

Last but not least – nipple cream. This is the stuff you want 

There are tonnes of things you can pack, these are my essentials. 

4 thoughts on “Inside my Hospital Bag – my essentials

  1. Ginger says:

    I also love the Johnsons nursing pads but they are really hard to find around here! I’m going on a mission this weekend to find some, thanks for the awesome reminder! Thanks for the whole post actually, I need to get a bag ready and these are all top notch suggestions! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • authenticallysheen says:

      Thanks! They are the best eh.
      I’ll alway remember the snacks & body wash because I completely forgot to pack body wash! And the hospital don’t supply any – oppsie! And I didn’t arrive in the maternity ward after birth suite until after dinner & missed out! Starting breastfeeding is hungry /thirsty work!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mama says:

    Yes to black yoga pants. I wound up staying for a week and slept in them as they were comfier than my pjs and I had no opportunity to change the next morning. And leaks. Lots of leaks.

    Liked by 1 person

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