Those friends

Ive been writing a lot recently about friends and friendship, I guess after you become a parent your life changes so much and your connections with people matter more. 

Today I was thinking about how grateful I am for those friends who make it easy for us to be that ‘that same person’ I was pre-child. I’ll explain …

I’m talking about those friends who suggest a catch up, offer to come to you and come with their arms bearing gifts of cake, coffee, or food of any description! Or the friends who offer to meet you at a playground so your little people can play and you can both follow them around chatting at the same time. Or those friends who know you have a babysitter and clear their schedule so you can all go out together, but don’t get upset when you call it a night at midnight because in 5-6 hours you’ll be up to a toddler and you better hope your in the mindset to cut their toast into the right shapes! 

These are the people who make spending time with them a joy and refil your tank when your running on empty. These are the people who when their time comes to become parents or parents again I will remember. I’ll remember to take moments to check in on them, I’ll remember what it was like to have a small baby, or a crawling baby or a wild toddler. I’ll remember and endevour to make their life that little bit easier by doing small things that will have positive effects on their day. 

These are the friendships and connections which I will nurture and be grateful for. 
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