Doing some good 

A few days ago I had a great chat with a friend,  I came out of it inspired to do good. 

My friend is one of those beautiful, selfless, giving types, the type of people we should aspire to be. She’s currently balancing family life, work and studying to be a social worker. 😇 right!

We had been talking about the state of the education system in the country which we grew up in, which turned into talk about the stark differences between those who have, and those who have not. Sometimes as I’m going about being a parent I start to feel guilty for what my child has. Because there are kids out there that don’t have warm winter clothing, school lunch, let alone swimming lessons.

My friend told me how she tries to do things where she can, for instance packing a little bit extra in her daughters lunchbox for another girl who didn’t have much in her school lunch, or collecting spare clothing to give to people who need it. 

It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in our own existence without sparing a thought for those in our communities who might’ve fallen on tough times. Normally I’d send bags of clothing to charity, and I know that helps these organisations provide support to people who need it. But this time around I’m going to reach out to my local online mothers group and see if the winter clothes my daughters grown out of could help another Mum. 

Are there small things you could do to help out people in your community? 

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