Unsolicited Advice

As mothers we pretty much attempt to be Wonder Woman EVERY DAY. Some days it works out and other days don’t. But that goes with the territory. 

Sometimes when we’re out in public with our mini superheros people volunteer advice on how we should improve our parenting. The approaches vary and I’m still yet to figure how to respond. 

Tonight on Facebook I saw a post a high school friend had made about her son. Since I’m not clever enough to blank out names I’ll need to write out how the post went. 

NEW MUM: my son has grown 4cm in the last 2 weeks, that explains him being unsettled lately! 

ADVICE GIVER: sometimes when at age, weight, length appropriate they need solids introduced into their diet. 

NEW MUM: he’s only 2 months old, I’m going to wait until he’s 4 months old and only then if he shows interest in food. His weight gain is perfect for his age. But thanks though. 

ADVICE GIVER: I know, your welcome. But sometimes they need a little extra, especially in the winter. 

It continues, but you get the point! 

Guess what advice giver… That’s really bad advice! I’m loving the fact that the Mum didn’t back down and told the person exactly why she wouldn’t be taking her advice. GO MOMMA! 

I felt pretty bad suggesting the mum check out an app that helps you see your babies development milestones and helps predict unsettled periods – but luckily she knew about it and was already loving it!  I loved being prepared for the unsettled times (or weeks) with having my important errands run and groceries in the refridgerator. That way I knew I could put super woman on hold for a day or so and chill with my baby. Even if that mean lot and lots of cuddles and not much achieved around the house. 

I guess we all have different approaches and things that worked for us. But the unsolicited advice I saw this woman dishing out tonight… I’m still speechless! 

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