Toddlers are crazy!

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my toddler is crazy.

Their moods swings are more intense than any PMS, they say “no” when they mean yes, their completely unpredictable and the have zero fear. Well at least my almost 2 year old doesn’t.

Yesterday took the cake for us. My little human wanted a cuddle so I lift her up and we have a cuddle before we headed off to school. I’m busy telling her how much I love her and she’s giving me the best cuddle, both arms wrapped around my neck and the next minute I feel this odd wet feeling on my shoulder. I look down and say “what was that?” She responds “I bite you Mummy” . Yes, nothing like starting the day with a bite to the shoulder?!

So as any working parent will know getting out of the house when your tight for time is nearly impossible, theres always the decision over which pair of shoes the toddler wants to wear which manages to take a full 5 minutes – especially the days when you don’t have 5 spare minutes. Yesterday as we were leaving the house with our biting incident behind us, we were doing the dash to the car. As the garage door starts closing our almost 2 year old turns and runs back into the garage – with the door steadily closing… Oh my gosh, heart attack moment. I quickly shut it off and ran back in. She’s giggling with pure joy “hide and seek mummy!” Oh my !

Yes, this week I think my toddler has gone mad!

One thought on “Toddlers are crazy!

  1. embrace your crazy says:

    Hahaha! It’s so true. My friend asked me what parenting a toddler is like and I told her that it’s similar to how I would imagine it is to be in an abusove relationship of sorts. One second they are slapping you across the face and the next, they are are sobbing “I’m sorryyy! I love you!!”

    “At times, it seems similar to taking care of your drunk college roommate,” I said.


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