Working Mum Guilt

This week marks 1 year, 1 year of being a working parent. This year has flown by compared to those long weeks of being a stay at home mum. While we’ve been lucky that we’ve both adjusted so well to the change, last week was the first week I actually felt what working mum guilt feels like … 

My almost 2 year old had a cold and wasn’t feeling her normal self and we were about to leave the house to head to daycare and work. She pats the couch beside her and says “mummy daddy home day?” My heart broke into a million pieces. 

The thing is, when you go back to work your baby gets sick A LOT. It takes a long time for their immune system to get strong, I’m thinking by the time she goes to actual school it’ll be like a ninja immune system. So when your taking weeks off for hand, foot and mouth disease, weeks off for chest and ear infections when they get a little cold you don’t have any option other than sending them. You feel as though your constantly walking on a tight rope of balancing keeping your family well and happy and attending work and keeping your boss happy. 

What you’d give to take off those days where your little person just doesn’t feel like doing daycare that day, but that isn’t an option. Your heart breaks just a little. 

4 thoughts on “Working Mum Guilt

  1. Eric says:

    I struggle sometimes wondering what’s best for my little ones – whether there is some benefit in the process of going to “school” even if they’d rather stay at home (perhaps especially on those days)

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      I guess each persons situation is different. So there isn’t a one solution fits all fix. I see the development and socialization benefits of school everyday. Some days when we’re both tired a couch day seems like a good option 😉


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