I’m over it… 

I’m over following and supporting blogs – you know the mommy blog that’s all about being a mother and our challenges and triumphs… The mommy blog you get invested in because you can relate and the content is fantastic. Then, somewhere along the line their feed gets clogged up with these product endorsements. Initially you stick with it because you enjoy the content, but then the content shifts to pushing products. It’s although all the posts have been leading up to this shift … designed to gather a following of a demographic that the products are specifically targeted to. 
Please don’t be offended if you write sponsored posts from time to time. This isn’t what I’m venting about. 

What I’m asking is – where is the authenticity?  

For instance I love coffee, it’s my fuel and I have some big opinions on coffee. Say a coffee company want me to write about my love for coffee and review their product. To me this would seem like a good fit – however ethically Id feel like it was my responsibly to my audience to put them before profit. To be balanced in my review. 

I’m so sick of fake.

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