Tantrums and 2 year olds 

We’re edging closer to having a two year old and the tantrums are starting. 

I can’t help but wonder if the tantrums are supposed to be as entertaining as they are? Such drama – where do they learn this?! 

This mornings tantrums started when we are walking around a store looking for a baby shower gift. My little one starts saying (on repeat) “my baby sister” – now let’s be clear, I am not pregnant, I am not planning on becoming so anytime soon and I’m wearing a very baggy shirt so it’s entirely possible that any passing person may mistake my pouchy stomach for a baby if they hear my child talking about her “baby sister” so in the interests of not being asked “when are you due?” I decide to shut this down. Commence tantrum number 1 “😭😭😭😭😭 no baby sister”. Pretty funny
Now getting my two year old to sleep during the day is impossible at home, so since we’re out I figure now is a good time to induce sleep. I make the call to get a drive thru coffee since I know I’ll need to drive for 30mins minimum to then be able to do the lift/drop into bed (success rate 15%).  Here I am ordering my caramelised cap with an extra shot and the toddler who isn’t yet asleep commences tantrum number 2 a “my baby chino” – yes you heard right. A tantrum because I didn’t order her a coffee (pretend of course). 

I love my toddlers tantrums! 

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