If only we’d known …

Tonight I was looking thru my old phone photos, looking at the time before we became parents, when we were pregnant and then when we we had a newborn. A few things that struck me – firstly what a cute pregnant chick I was! And to think that time I didn’t want to post any photos of myself online. To be honest in the last 2 years I haven’t looked nearly as cute, well put together or as well rested, even if at the time I didn’t feel that way. If only I’d known! 

That’s sort of the theme of this post. While flicking thru the photos I saw pics of all these things I was doing to “prepare” for baby. The funniest thing is I thought I was really well organised. And I was. But I laugh at my former self for thinking that this was preparation…


If only I’d known that Id probably need 10 packs of maternity pads, nursing pads to last a year, and more nappies than I could fill that closet full.

If someone had warned me on half the things you experience as a new mum I probably wouldn’t have believed them anyway. I guess these are lessons we learn for ourselves. 

Like the lesson on not being cheap when it comes to nappies, sometimes it’s worth the extra expense to contain that sh*t! The nighttime nappy changes, don’t let the cold air in, change it at double speed! When you lift your child’s legs up to pop the nappy underneath your holding a live gun, it can go off! Hurry!! (refer to the pj pic! I swear poop flew out about a foot to hit my cleavage, down my top and all over my pj bottoms) don’t think because they just pooped that they’re good. As my husband found out… 

Yep new parent problems for sure. If only we’d known!


Another day, another rant…

This week there’s been a few things that’s annoyed the crap out of me. And a theme is emerging. The person who makes statements about things they aren’t qualified to make statements on, especially in the public sphere. 

Comments in the media by unqualified individuals about causes of autism are taking the cake. I no nothing of autism and I don’t pretend to know. I can’t imagine the challenges those families face. But I wonder what makes it ok for unqualified people to weigh in with their opinion? 

In my workplace we have managers and knowledge specialists, it works when we each stick to our level of expertise. It’s not to say that it can’t be productive to exchange ideas I an open forum. But generally we stick to what we know. 

I guess that’s my point, what if we let the experts with medical backgrounds do the research and take advice from qualified people to give that advice. 

Todays Observations…

This morning I started my daily commute pondering an idea, how can people walk around radiating such negative vibes? I mean the resting b*tch face on steroids, the zero regard for politeness and being so unfriendly for no obvious reason. 

We all have our own struggles, I’m not discounting those. But it’s all about approach. This morning at daycare drop-off I saw a few examples  that made me start to wonder, why? 

To grandmother who bluntly said to the pre-school teacher this morning “who are you?” In a grumpy voice… Ummm excuse me rude grandmother, that exceptional woman is the beautiful caring soul who loves and adores your grandchild while your daughter or son earn a living. They have selected THIS school because the think it’s the best environment for your grandchild. So wipe that sooky look off your face, perk up and show some respect and manners. {I should’ve warned you about that rant}

To the Mum who looks around the room assessing the toddlers,  I’m sorry to say I was you a while back. I soon learned that the bigger kids do touch your baby, the teachers are amazing and they are teaching all of the toddlers to be gentle and kind. You don’t need to worry. But in the meantime if you could wipe the look of disgust off your face, your child will too become any awkward toddler in no time. 

I’m not a morning person and I get it. But really … How do these people get by?! 

Our Ben&Holly Birthday Party

I’ve been a little busier than normal and it’s entirely my fault … šŸ™Š

As little Miss was approaching 2 I started to research party ideas on Pinterest. The problem is that one of these days my little Miss caught me and insisted on helping me research, the subsequent oooooo’s and aaaaaaa’s pointing at different cakes meant that our theme was locked in and unfortunately it wasn’t Peppa Pig – which I could’ve sourced all the decorations and cake from my local supermarket.

So our theme was Ben and Hollys Magical Kingdom (on a a budget). 

I found these cute little invites on Etsy from KabooStudio $9.33AUD


Next was the cake, and I knew there was no way I was avoiding using fondant šŸ™ˆ. So a friend directed me to Baking Pleasures I sourced everything from the 1 store online during my lunch break #winning and it was delivered within 3 days. It cost a little more than I anticipated, but then again I’ve never bought fondant before! 

For the cake I knew I had my work cut out for me so I decided to take the easy road and use a packet mix, 2x packets of Greens Moist Vanilla Cake. 

Luckily I had my more creative Mother on board to help with creating the cake. Somewhere during the assembly she informs me she did a CWA Cake decorating class 30+ years ago, then I wondered why I’d never had a fondant cake?! šŸ˜¦ 

Lessons learnt: 

  • Take all jewellery off before you start 
  • You don’t need too much icing sugar


The finished product, it turns out it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. 

Next step Decorations .. Kmart Australia have these great party departments now, I can’t believe how cheap everything is. Most items are between $1-3 including all of your colour coordinating plates,bowls, cups, balloons, tissue balls, crepe streamers etc. I went with a cheap and cheerful scheme. My toddler even helped pull down the streamers afterwards (so much fun šŸ™Š) See the party hats above, with a quick makeover they became Ben Elf and Princess Holly hats. For party favours we went with a helium balloon with bubbles as its weight (25 bottles of bubbles from Kmart for $5 and .50c balloons from Spotlight) Kmart even had wistles and Magic wands for a couple of bucks #winningagain. 

The decorations weren’t quite finished at this stage, but you get the idea.. 


Perspective in parentingĀ 

We made the decision in our 20’s to move countries for career and lifestyle reasons, I guess we always thought we would end up raising our family back in our home town, but fast forward to our 30’s and we realise that wasn’t the right option for us. So as we embarked on this parenthood journey we soon realised it was going to be that little bit more challenging , not being able to call on our parents and family for extra support – days with Nana instead of daycare, date nights and calling in the reinforcements when Mummy and Daddy get sick (at the same time- because you’re that lucky when your a parent!). 

The past 2 years I’ve found myself start to feel a little bit of resentment of how “easy” I think my friends have it, that they have their family’s closeby for help if they need it. But the last week I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have that help and … I think that comes with its own challenges. I know right… Total 360. 

For instance, when we parent we get to decide how we are going to do it with minimal outside influence, opinion or eyebrow raising. We have the “creative control” -as I like to call it. We get to decide how is best to raise our child, when it’s time to toilet train, how we handle the meltdowns and    if thumb sucking is an issue or not. 

If we lived closeby sure there would be benefits, but what I’ve learned this week is it’s all about perspective. We all have challenges when raising our kids and it seems that no one really has it any easier than anyone else, we all have our own family dynamics to contend with. 

2 Years of Motherhood

Today is one of those “pinch yourself” kind of days, 2 whole years of being a parent. Or a parent of a baby, because let’s be honest – the moment you find out your pregnant the world as you knew it changed, your perspective shifted and you became a mother lion – so 2 years, 40 weeks down the track and I still can’t believe it. 

Time is the weirdest thing, some days, weeks, months drag – but then again it feels like just yesterday I had all that free time.  

It’s such an amazing, life changing privilege to be able to raise this little human. 

Delay tacticsĀ 

Tonight marked a milestone in our household. The beginning of bedtime delay tactics. 

Little miss 1 week off being 2 went to bed happily enough. Only to lie there awake for 40 minutes to then start all the things she could think of to prolong going to sleep. Crying, followed by pats from mummy “no I want daddy”, pats from daddy “no I want mummy”. Then the classics “I need a drink”, “need to go toilet”, standing on the bed, doing what seemed like yoga poses on the bed (maybe they were sleep inducing?!) 

It was hectic! It’s also kind of funny. How clever these kids are. 

So, an hour and a half after bedtime we started in the rocking chair, half an hour later she gave in. 

The thing is, as a working parent I hate the idea of her crying herself to sleep. There aren’t enough hours in our day together as it is. If my house is a mess and I go to work tomorrow with dirty hair (laced with dry shampoo!) then so be it! Those cuddles to sleep are the best part of the day. 

Seeking my blogging mojo

Its gone… It’s not through lack of wanting to blog, it’s just disappeared. 

As I drive I think of things I want to write about but nothing seems to spin my wheels. So I’m hoping soon I’ll have that šŸ’” moment and I’ll be back. 

Any tips to get past it feel free to let me know šŸ˜‰