Delay tactics 

Tonight marked a milestone in our household. The beginning of bedtime delay tactics. 

Little miss 1 week off being 2 went to bed happily enough. Only to lie there awake for 40 minutes to then start all the things she could think of to prolong going to sleep. Crying, followed by pats from mummy “no I want daddy”, pats from daddy “no I want mummy”. Then the classics “I need a drink”, “need to go toilet”, standing on the bed, doing what seemed like yoga poses on the bed (maybe they were sleep inducing?!) 

It was hectic! It’s also kind of funny. How clever these kids are. 

So, an hour and a half after bedtime we started in the rocking chair, half an hour later she gave in. 

The thing is, as a working parent I hate the idea of her crying herself to sleep. There aren’t enough hours in our day together as it is. If my house is a mess and I go to work tomorrow with dirty hair (laced with dry shampoo!) then so be it! Those cuddles to sleep are the best part of the day. 

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