Our Ben&Holly Birthday Party

I’ve been a little busier than normal and it’s entirely my fault … 🙊

As little Miss was approaching 2 I started to research party ideas on Pinterest. The problem is that one of these days my little Miss caught me and insisted on helping me research, the subsequent oooooo’s and aaaaaaa’s pointing at different cakes meant that our theme was locked in and unfortunately it wasn’t Peppa Pig – which I could’ve sourced all the decorations and cake from my local supermarket.

So our theme was Ben and Hollys Magical Kingdom (on a a budget). 

I found these cute little invites on Etsy from KabooStudio $9.33AUD


Next was the cake, and I knew there was no way I was avoiding using fondant 🙈. So a friend directed me to Baking Pleasures I sourced everything from the 1 store online during my lunch break #winning and it was delivered within 3 days. It cost a little more than I anticipated, but then again I’ve never bought fondant before! 

For the cake I knew I had my work cut out for me so I decided to take the easy road and use a packet mix, 2x packets of Greens Moist Vanilla Cake. 

Luckily I had my more creative Mother on board to help with creating the cake. Somewhere during the assembly she informs me she did a CWA Cake decorating class 30+ years ago, then I wondered why I’d never had a fondant cake?! 😦 

Lessons learnt: 

  • Take all jewellery off before you start 
  • You don’t need too much icing sugar


The finished product, it turns out it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. 

Next step Decorations .. Kmart Australia have these great party departments now, I can’t believe how cheap everything is. Most items are between $1-3 including all of your colour coordinating plates,bowls, cups, balloons, tissue balls, crepe streamers etc. I went with a cheap and cheerful scheme. My toddler even helped pull down the streamers afterwards (so much fun 🙊) See the party hats above, with a quick makeover they became Ben Elf and Princess Holly hats. For party favours we went with a helium balloon with bubbles as its weight (25 bottles of bubbles from Kmart for $5 and .50c balloons from Spotlight) Kmart even had wistles and Magic wands for a couple of bucks #winningagain. 

The decorations weren’t quite finished at this stage, but you get the idea.. 


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