Perspective in parenting 

We made the decision in our 20’s to move countries for career and lifestyle reasons, I guess we always thought we would end up raising our family back in our home town, but fast forward to our 30’s and we realise that wasn’t the right option for us. So as we embarked on this parenthood journey we soon realised it was going to be that little bit more challenging , not being able to call on our parents and family for extra support – days with Nana instead of daycare, date nights and calling in the reinforcements when Mummy and Daddy get sick (at the same time- because you’re that lucky when your a parent!). 

The past 2 years I’ve found myself start to feel a little bit of resentment of how “easy” I think my friends have it, that they have their family’s closeby for help if they need it. But the last week I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have that help and … I think that comes with its own challenges. I know right… Total 360. 

For instance, when we parent we get to decide how we are going to do it with minimal outside influence, opinion or eyebrow raising. We have the “creative control” -as I like to call it. We get to decide how is best to raise our child, when it’s time to toilet train, how we handle the meltdowns and    if thumb sucking is an issue or not. 

If we lived closeby sure there would be benefits, but what I’ve learned this week is it’s all about perspective. We all have challenges when raising our kids and it seems that no one really has it any easier than anyone else, we all have our own family dynamics to contend with. 

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