Todays Observations…

This morning I started my daily commute pondering an idea, how can people walk around radiating such negative vibes? I mean the resting b*tch face on steroids, the zero regard for politeness and being so unfriendly for no obvious reason. 

We all have our own struggles, I’m not discounting those. But it’s all about approach. This morning at daycare drop-off I saw a few examples  that made me start to wonder, why? 

To grandmother who bluntly said to the pre-school teacher this morning “who are you?” In a grumpy voice… Ummm excuse me rude grandmother, that exceptional woman is the beautiful caring soul who loves and adores your grandchild while your daughter or son earn a living. They have selected THIS school because the think it’s the best environment for your grandchild. So wipe that sooky look off your face, perk up and show some respect and manners. {I should’ve warned you about that rant}

To the Mum who looks around the room assessing the toddlers,  I’m sorry to say I was you a while back. I soon learned that the bigger kids do touch your baby, the teachers are amazing and they are teaching all of the toddlers to be gentle and kind. You don’t need to worry. But in the meantime if you could wipe the look of disgust off your face, your child will too become any awkward toddler in no time. 

I’m not a morning person and I get it. But really … How do these people get by?! 

3 thoughts on “Todays Observations…

  1. confessionsofachristianmomma says:

    Babies can learn a lot from toddlers. Yes, they may get hurt in the process every once in awhile, but usually toddlers have an innate sense of gentleness. Many times it is actually the other way around. The babies jerk around awkwardly, pull up on the older kids, and grab hair and toys that do not belong to them. Haha! About the rest, our society as a whole definitely does not value manners today. There are so many people who act deplorably, and unfortunately many of those people have children who are watching very closely and will attempt to follow in their parents’ footsteps. A shame indeed. =[

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      You’re right, when I first saw my daughter with the small babies at her school I couldn’t believe how gentle and quiet she was around them. She wanted to sit closely and pass toys to them.
      I’m not saying Id trust her entirely and I wouldn’t leave her in a room unattended if there was a baby in our home.
      Wouldn’t it be so nice if people were more open to waiting to form opinions.

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