If only we’d known …

Tonight I was looking thru my old phone photos, looking at the time before we became parents, when we were pregnant and then when we we had a newborn. A few things that struck me – firstly what a cute pregnant chick I was! And to think that time I didn’t want to post any photos of myself online. To be honest in the last 2 years I haven’t looked nearly as cute, well put together or as well rested, even if at the time I didn’t feel that way. If only I’d known! 

That’s sort of the theme of this post. While flicking thru the photos I saw pics of all these things I was doing to “prepare” for baby. The funniest thing is I thought I was really well organised. And I was. But I laugh at my former self for thinking that this was preparation…


If only I’d known that Id probably need 10 packs of maternity pads, nursing pads to last a year, and more nappies than I could fill that closet full.

If someone had warned me on half the things you experience as a new mum I probably wouldn’t have believed them anyway. I guess these are lessons we learn for ourselves. 

Like the lesson on not being cheap when it comes to nappies, sometimes it’s worth the extra expense to contain that sh*t! The nighttime nappy changes, don’t let the cold air in, change it at double speed! When you lift your child’s legs up to pop the nappy underneath your holding a live gun, it can go off! Hurry!! (refer to the pj pic! I swear poop flew out about a foot to hit my cleavage, down my top and all over my pj bottoms) don’t think because they just pooped that they’re good. As my husband found out… 

Yep new parent problems for sure. If only we’d known!

4 thoughts on “If only we’d known …

  1. confessionsofachristianmomma says:

    Good grief. The explosive poos are the worst (and also the funniest!). Our newest addition had a poop not long after he was born that hit our WALL!!! My older son was walking by at the time and got pooped on as well… it was intense. Motherhood is the best though, despite all of the massively explosive defecations and such. Cute post! All so very true. =]

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