Announcing News

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you’ll know one of my pet hates is Facebook related bad behaviour. 

In this segment of my blog/rant (sorry in advance) you’ll read about another Facebook etiquette slip up far too many people (in my opinion) partake in. 

The Facebook announcement of news… That isn’t your news! And let’s take that one step further, the people’s whose news it is hasn’t announced it yet. Yes.. those announcements. 

To set the scene, Couple A are having a baby. Yay for them. But they aren’t a public announcement type of couple, 100% their choice. 

Their MIL takes it upon herself to announce it on Facebook. Ok, so this first faux pas you could excuse as soon-to-be excited grandparent behaviour, so you maybe let that slide. 

Roll on the day of the baby’s birth. The new parents inform their family of their new arrival and they get down to business of getting to know their beautiful baby and becomming a family. 

Enter MIL – announcing the birth of the baby bearing in mind said MIL is “friends” with almost everyone in the town where the new mother grew up.

I just don’t understand. 

Facebook is a great – don’t get me wrong, I waste far too much time on there. But, if it’s not your news and you haven’t been specifically asked to announce news by the person whose news it is, then don’t announce it. 

That’s it rant over. If you made it this far I thank you šŸ˜‰ 


No way Jose!Ā 

So I can thank the recent visit of my MIL for the next level of sass my 2 year old has. 

My darling MIL thought it was cute to teach Miss 2 the saying “no way Jose”. I can’t actually think of what was running thru her mind, or how she thought this phrase would be used. But unluckily for me it’s in context and used at exactly the right time that totally windes me up. 

A message to that girl in her late 20’s-early 30’sĀ 

You say “I’m not having kids because I’m career oriented”, I highly doubt that’s actually what you think. Maybe your struggling with fertility or your just not ready or maybe you just don’t want to. That’s ok, because it’s your life and your choice. 

But I’d ask you please, don’t say it’s because your career oriented. There’s enough stigma associated with women returning  to the workforce after having babies and they work their arses off to prove they are just as valuable employees as they were pre child. They make choices and sacrifices to have a career and a family. Both can be done and they can be done very successfully. So please, don’t make excuses for your life choices, it’s your life and you don’t have to justify your decisions in any kind of way. 

When you say you don’t have children because your career oriented then you imply that women who do have children aren’t. So please stop it 

Parenting Fails

This afternoon my husband and I failed. The epic-ness of our failure was so monumental I thought it was important/funny to share with my blogging mummas/papas. 

So … To set the scene… 

We’d all arrived home after work/daycare and decided to make the most of daylight to head down to the park to kick a ball. 

We all hurry out the door and head off to the park. Well it wasn’t that simple, there was the conversation with the toddler about the pros and cons of wearing running shoes over flip flops – she elected flip flops – so we just went with that. Followed by the insistence that she had to take her bike – then she refused to pedal and wanted us to push it. All before getting out of the driveway. But you get it. 

Anyway so fast forward 20 minutes and instead of kicking the ball we’re playing chase. I catch her, swing her up and next minute she’s peeing on my hip/back. 

Yep …. We forgot she wasn’t wearing a nappy and that we’re in the midst of toilet training. 

So the next minute I’m helping her/showing her how to wee on the grass. Life101 in the middle of a suburban park with commuter traffic rolling past. Yes that was us. 

I would’ve much prefered if it’d been while bush walking or camping with no toilets or crowds in sight. But with this parenting gig we don’t get the luxury of choice of when these awkward things happen. 

At least night time I don’t think I’ll forget we’re toilet training!