Parenting Fails

This afternoon my husband and I failed. The epic-ness of our failure was so monumental I thought it was important/funny to share with my blogging mummas/papas. 

So … To set the scene… 

We’d all arrived home after work/daycare and decided to make the most of daylight to head down to the park to kick a ball. 

We all hurry out the door and head off to the park. Well it wasn’t that simple, there was the conversation with the toddler about the pros and cons of wearing running shoes over flip flops – she elected flip flops – so we just went with that. Followed by the insistence that she had to take her bike – then she refused to pedal and wanted us to push it. All before getting out of the driveway. But you get it. 

Anyway so fast forward 20 minutes and instead of kicking the ball we’re playing chase. I catch her, swing her up and next minute she’s peeing on my hip/back. 

Yep …. We forgot she wasn’t wearing a nappy and that we’re in the midst of toilet training. 

So the next minute I’m helping her/showing her how to wee on the grass. Life101 in the middle of a suburban park with commuter traffic rolling past. Yes that was us. 

I would’ve much prefered if it’d been while bush walking or camping with no toilets or crowds in sight. But with this parenting gig we don’t get the luxury of choice of when these awkward things happen. 

At least night time I don’t think I’ll forget we’re toilet training! 

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