A message to that girl in her late 20’s-early 30’s 

You say “I’m not having kids because I’m career oriented”, I highly doubt that’s actually what you think. Maybe your struggling with fertility or your just not ready or maybe you just don’t want to. That’s ok, because it’s your life and your choice. 

But I’d ask you please, don’t say it’s because your career oriented. There’s enough stigma associated with women returning  to the workforce after having babies and they work their arses off to prove they are just as valuable employees as they were pre child. They make choices and sacrifices to have a career and a family. Both can be done and they can be done very successfully. So please, don’t make excuses for your life choices, it’s your life and you don’t have to justify your decisions in any kind of way. 

When you say you don’t have children because your career oriented then you imply that women who do have children aren’t. So please stop it 

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