6am conversation

Don’t you just love waking up and have a few moments to actually wake up in peace and quiet before you start your day? I know I did … until about 2 years ago. 

At least things have progressed from newborn cries, to the yelling out Mummy/Daddy, weekday mornings my husband moves Miss 2 into our bed when he leaves for work, he gets a sleepy morning cuddle & it usually allows an extra 15 minutes shut-eye for me. 

Wake-up time varies from “Mummy wake up” accompanied by a bop to the head, or a nice cuddle or the secret sneak – the 2 year old thinking I can’t hear her creep out of my room. This mornings 6 am conversation blew me away. Actually it made me laugh that hard on the inside (with a straight face on the outside). 

Miss 2: it’s a bit stinky in here. Mummy have you been doing poppies (farts) ? 

Me: No! (In all seriousness I hadn’t) 

Miss 2: it must’ve been Daddy. It stinks. 

Me: it must’ve. (Except I couldn’t smell anything at all!) 

Ah yes a laughing the morning is exactly what you need to kick off your day. A day that by 8am I had been wee’d on and phlegm’d on – all before school drop off. This is the life ladies! šŸ˜‚

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