On Struggle St

This week I’m officially on Struggle Street. Functionality limited to essentials only. 

I remember during the first time round I had no idea how to make myself feel better, I remember by about week 10 feeling down, down about how little I could achieve and how extremely tired I was all the time, then how fed up I got with an 8pm bedtime. 

The special part of this time round is that I have a better perspective. I know what an amazing and important job my body is doing, I have little things to try that I learned from last time and I’ve resigned myself to early bedtimes because I know that’s the only way I’ll retain some functionality. Maybe in 3 weeks time I mightn’t have this same perspective, but so far this is what I’m working on. 

So whilst physically I’m struggling having that perspective makes it easier. Although add in the 2 year old to the mix and oh my! Thank god for my husband whose picking up all my slack. He’s a champion. 

I guess my point of writing this is for the first timers, I know feeling like this is hard, but your body is working so much harder than you could possibly imagine, that’s the reason you feel so wiped out. The moment you have your sweet baby in your arms you will see what it was all for and the miracle that your body creates. If it’s your second, third or fourth, I’m with you. Wow this is hard work, but we’ve done it once and we know what it’s all for, let’s try to keep perspective. 

This post was written at 7 weeks pregnant – stay tuned for further posts and perspective shifts! 

4 thoughts on “On Struggle St

  1. patriciaewebb33 says:

    You are gorgeous and positive. I, even with my 3rd child was wretched and depressed. Good on you for gaining perspective and remembering your body is doing some amazing stuff. I neglected to think of the glory of the female body and focused solely on the inability to eat or drink without the weird taste of sweet metal.

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      I’m constantly surprised how incredible our bodies are! I’m totally not gorgeous right now lol but I do value the amazing job my body is doing. Although I might need to come to you for a pep talk around day 4 post birth 😉 lets hope b/feeding is like riding a bike


  2. joannathemontrealer says:

    First time Mom-to-be here at approx 9 weeks!
    I really enjoy reading your posts and it is really nice to know that this insane level of exhaustion is normal. I feel completely useless being a slug on the couch all day, sleeping at odd hours whenever I can etc. I will keep telling myself that my body is working overtime right now. I still haven’t had my first appointment yet (1 week away, FINALLY) and the added worry of not knowing if everything is okay or not is definitely adding to how tired I am.
    thank you for your posts! I’ll be posting about my whole experience once it is no longer a secret to the public, so reading your posts is helping me stay distracted.

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      Thanks for your comment Joanna! It’s incredible what our bodies do to grow these amazing little people. The exhaustion will pass eventually 😉 try not to worry about the unknowns.
      Looking forward to reading about your journey too

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