Never ask if I’m pregnant

Today marks the 9 week mark and the 3rd time someone in those nine weeks someone has asked if I’m pregnant. 

I could laugh it off thinking I’m doing a terrible job of concealing it, but I’m not. I’m totally livid that people think it’s ok to straight out ask a person if they are expecting. 

Perhaps it’s because we are married and we have a 2 year old, because society norms would suggest we should be considering adding to our tribe that people think it’s ok to ask. 

Well today I’ll let you know, I don’t think it’s ok. 

I’ll set the scene of the 3rd time I’ve been asked. In my workplace, by my  direct manager, in front of my team of colleagues. My first scoff at the question wasn’t enough, she pointed out my non answer to ask again, my response on the legalities of asking that question probably wasn’t my smartest move, because I’m fairly sure my colleagues could see what I wasn’t saying by giving that response. I should’ve just said no. 

But you know what, legally they aren’t allowed to ask. I could’ve kissed my colleague who jumped to my defense informing our boss that it is in fact discriminination because she would never ask my 2 other female colleagues (who have female partners)! 

It’s frustrating, if it was news I was ready to share then she would know. People don’t know others struggles or worries. I see it as a very insensitive thing to do. 

Anyway, I returned from lunch to an apology. Apparently as I left the office my colleague continued to tell my boss how uncomfortable the question makes me. Gosh I love colleagues who have your back! That girls a total gem. 
This post was written at about 8 weeks 

One thought on “Never ask if I’m pregnant

  1. confessionsofachristianmomma says:

    You know when the appropriate time is to ask someone if they are pregnant? ONCE SHE IS HOLDING A NEWBORN BABY IN HER ARMS! Haha! It should go something like this, “Oh. I see you have a newborn. Were you pregnant? Wow! Awesome. Congratulations!” ;] Sorry you are dealing with rudeness. Amazing how bold some people are. I don’t even want to ask how far along a woman is when she is OBVIOUSLY pregnant and looks like she has a basketball under her shirt! Because… well… what if she just REALLY enjoys beer!?!? xD

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