2 year old’s emotional rollercoaster

We’ve been very concious and deliberate about the way we’ve approached the topic of “big sisterhood” with Miss 2. 

At first she was absolutely lost for words and pretended like we’d said nothing at all. Which isn’t our kid, I can’t say anything without her taking it onboard and remembering it 4 hours or 4 days later. 

Later the same evening snuggled up in bed she made the statement that she’ll be able to help us with the baby, help feed, cuddle, read stories and the baby can even use her high chair! (How generous! Lol) 

The following morning when we first woke up and first words out of her mouth were there’s a baby in your tummy – I thought ok, we are past the denial. 

No, I was wrong. No amount of talking about how much her little brother or sister will love her, how much mummy and daddy will still love her, nothing would get any form of acknowledgement. Total denial for about a week. I left it. 

There was the odd comment here and there “everybody at school talks about my baby” (with a look of disgust on her face), I suggested when we go Christmas shopping she choose something for “her baby” – I’m not sure if she just loves shopping or the thought of choosing a toy, but immediately she knew the exact bang toy she was going to buy. Cute! 

But aside from that, nothing for a  whole week. Until this morning, driving along heading to school, I’m doing the usual chatter about being good at school, asking who she’ll play with today etc and from nowhere she tells me she is having 2 babies – the elaborates, 1 baby is her auntie and uncles and the other is Mummys baby. It’s funny that it isn’t Daddy’s baby, just Mummy’s. Then for the next 5 minutes she talks non-stop about her 2 babies! 

Maybe we are making headway, or maybe we’ll be back in denial tomorrow! Who knows with a 2 year old!  

5 thoughts on “2 year old’s emotional rollercoaster

  1. confabulationsbybritt says:

    That is adorable! While I was recently pregnant my now 2yr old would throw a fit it I exposed my belly or if Hubby kiss my belly. He would just pull my shirt back down and yell no no no, then towards the end he warmed up to the idea. Good luck! She will be a fantastic big sis as soon as she meets the little one.

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