Surrounded by scumbags

Someone in my office told me a few months ago I’d be surprised how many people I know/know of who are on online dating sites – and she said from the people she’s seen on there not all are single. She was recently separated and must’ve been looking at what’s changed in dating. 

At first I thought it’s sour grapes, surely not, and no I’m not one bit interested to see who these people are. Sometimes it’s easier not knowing. 

Tonight an entirely different colleague showed me a screen shot of a profile she saw last night. A person who we know has a live in girlfriend. It makes me wonder, do these people seek out being “busted” for their antics? Do they love the drama? Seriously what do they think is going to happen? In summary I can’t believe someone seeking out a hook up would post their face and name on a hook up site (one that works off post code/ whose near me crieteria) 

Anyway the discussion shifted to moral dilemmas and repercussions the person would face not only personally but professionally if they were to speak to the girlfriend. It makes me wonder, since when did the scumbag win? Scumbags aren’t supposed to win, karmas supposed to kick that SOB where it hurts. I’m so pleased I never got curious and looked to see who else I know on there, because it’s quite nice burying my head in the sand when it comes to the sordid behaviour of my colleagues! 

2 thoughts on “Surrounded by scumbags

  1. patriciaewebb33 says:

    I have so many posts to catch up on! This one however makes me think about the amount of people I know are “doing the dirty” and to be honest I am just one of the people who shake my head and then get on with my life. They always get caught but the problem is (what I have observed over the many fences I have peeked over) is that they say sorry and it is all forgiven.
    Perhaps we should turn on the ones partnered to the scumbags and ask not why the scumbags seem to win, but why in hell does the one being “scumbagged” not think enough of themselves to move on?

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    • authenticallysheen says:

      I asked the same! The friend has said she’s told her once already and the girlfriend forgave and it just caused issues being the informer. I just don’t understand how someone can let themselves be disrespected repeatedly. You let them walk all over you and they will. I think some women think they’ve done alright because their partner isn’t violent or whatever.

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