2 year olds are funny creatures

2 year olds v Santa

We are 4 days post Santa and our 2 year old is still counting down the sleeps until Santa comes. Why you ask? Because even though she knows Santa came, he missed one of the things off her list. She knows he’s returned to the North Pole, she knows it’s too many sleeps until Santa comes back but she just can’t accept that he missed one. 

Not even with our explanation that Santa thinks she might just be a little bit too small for a skateboard and that she’ll be big enough at her birthday or next Christmas for one.

Oh yes, cue laughter. We know, we’re in for it next year. 

The Santa conversation didn’t end there, it’s popping up all the time. She’s quizzed a few family members on what “Santa” brought them .. 

Miss 2: daddy what did Santa bring you? 

Daddy: ummm some shorts and teeshirts 

Miss 2: no daddy we bought you those (how does a 2 yr old remember that?) 

So yes it’s looking as though Christmas 2016 will need to include “evidence” of Santas landing and specific “Santa” gift wrap that is nowhere to be seen on any other present. 

Umm so yes, we are going to have to pick up our act next year. 

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