The post NYE hangover

Today we were wondering down the street in the sun, enjoying the tranquility, and may I add feeling pretty good. 

You see New Years this year for me was a pizza, movie and bed by 10.30pm (which may I add is 2 hours later than what it has been for the last 3 months!) so I felt almost rebellious. 

As we wondered past the Pizza Hutt and there were a group of young people (us 4 years ago) big sunnies, munching on junk food, nursing the worst hangovers – you could just tell. The 4 of us concluded as soon as we were past them. I started to feel really good about where we are at in life and that wasn’t us! 

We used to have the best New Years, we loved them then, but as you get older the recovery gets harder. And now with a 2 year old you couldn’t pay me to wake with a hangover at 5am to then begin the daily negotiations that you have with a 2 year old whilst you feel under the weather. 

Yeah, it’s funny how life changes and how our now “boring” life feels pretty good. 

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