The things 2 year olds say… 

I love the things my two year old says, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes thought provoking and other times simply heart meltingly cute. 

Last week we became first time Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. During our first visit to our new family member Miss 2 had a quick glance, realised her cousin isn’t big enough for play yet and requested that we leave. Thankfully for us, my husband quickly diffused the situation providing a packet of Peppa Pig saltanas for Miss 2 “from her new cousin”. Winning, that bought 10 more minutes of chat before we really had to leave. 

Fast forward to yesterday when we got to visit the new little family at their house. Miss 2 was offered a hold and jumped at the opportunity, she carefully sat on the sofa, not moving while we placed the tiny little baby in her arms, she beamed at the camera (something she refuses at the moment for us) and gently held her little cousin (while 3 adults hovered around here anticipating a move at any moment! 

Anyway it went perfectly. Last night at bedtime she was doing her usual procrastination over going to sleep when she proudly told us that “auntie and uncle trusted me to hold their baby” 

It was totally adorable. 

In stark contrast to what I was greeted with on my return home from work tonight “Friday we are going to hunt seals” – umm that’s disturbing. What she means is they are going to see rescued seals later in the week! 

Bedtimes are the cutest though, she tells us she is thinking about what we need for “our baby” whilst putting her index finger to her mouth. 

What shall we call “our baby”? Last weeks suggestion was Henry the octopus, the week prior was Baby Jake, I’m thinking Tv is having too greater influence! 

Ahhhh I love 2 year olds, they are total entertainment and the way they think is just incredible. 

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