Part 2. Awkward Things Toddlers Say

This time last week I was basking in the beautiful silence of grocery shopping by myself after our house guests had departed. Beautiful beautiful silence. 

Somewhere midweek our next wave arrived and let’s just say there’s very little quiet. 

The constant attention of adults I think is wearing very thin on our two year old. She’s in some desperate need of some space. 

To the point yesterday where my husband took everyone but her and I to the beach just to give her some independent time. I should add that she found me on the couch and we snuggled watching cartoons for a good half hour *actual bliss*. 

So if we rewind to Friday night, 2 nights into the stay, we are in our bathroom getting her showered and changed into pj’s and thankfully we are out of earshot of anyone else in our home when Miss 2 says “I want Grandma to go home” (my husband and I exchange a look, trying not to laugh) … Followed by “I don’t like her”. Oh my god. Yep total awkward toddler moment. 

Luckily that topic hasn’t popped up again, I don’t know how we’d address it if it did *awks*. 

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