To the new Mum in the Fruit Shop: 

To the Mum in the fruit shop – breastfeeding your 6 week old (I only know this because I overheard you tell someone); while carrying your basket and doing your shopping, I think you are amazing! 

I wanted to turn around and tell you, but without having my child with me I thought it might seem like I’m a weirdo. 

You seemed to do it all so effortlessly, you may not think that’s how you appear, but you do. I wish I’d had the confidence to do that with my baby, but you know what, seeing women do that make me thing, I could do that. And you know what even if one person sees and thinks I can do that, then that’s us all working towards the normalization of breastfeeding.  

So to you – the lady in the fruit shop, you are a legend! 

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